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How to Prevent Insects with a Perimeter Treatment in York Pa


For the record, an insecticide perimeter treatment functions like the first line of defense around any given piece of property to prevent pests from entering in.

This is a really effective treatment against outdoor pests which can come into the premises during harsh winter months. Such pests include boxelder bugs, stink bugs and Asian lady beetles.

What is perimeter treatment?

Perimeter treatments form a kind of defense post on exposed surfaces like on the soil or the plants et al. It covers a three feet wide area in two ways ? one extending from the ground up the house wall and the other from the house wall outwards. This kind of method works best when done well in time. This is before insects start collating in big numbers.

The spray used for perimeter treatments is available as a liquid as well as granules. The first mentioned are ready to use sprays which one can attach the hose and mix up in required concentrations. One can also dilute insecticide concentrate and use it with a pressurized hand-held sprayer. Make sure to pick up a piece which you can carry around easily. For the granular insecticides, use a drop spreader or a hand held spreader.

Give some useful tips for the procedure

It is best to make a continuous band of insecticide without any gaps in it for maximum effectiveness. Spray on soil, turf, mulch et al for getting a good advantage. When you spray liquid, do so in the direction of the wind or else you may wet yourself in the process. Make it a point to spray where different materials meet up in the home or office. Surely spray onto areas where you find any signs of insect infestation. This could be in sheds, woodpiles, garages et al. Get rid of any vegetation within twelve to twenty inches of the building. If you feel that the insect infestation or its prevention requires more insecticide, increase the treatment area to up to ten feet.

If the infestation is pretty severe, it is the full home or office where you need to spray insecticide and not just in a selected area. Insects like termites or carpenter ants are pretty tough to handle. One needs to get professional help in most such cases.

It is best to always keep at the back of your mind that pest control alone will not be the ideal solution to any pest menace. This helps. But one needs to get into a mode of following good sanitary methods as well to safeguard any territory from pest menace. Spraying should be done once every one to three months, depending upon the season and the severity of the condition, to get the edge over pests and to keep them at bay effectively and for good. For rodent control, one can even use baits. These are also very effective in controlling this menace.