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How Technology is aiding Pest Control

Pest ControlTechnology has changed the way we do almost everything nowadays, from faster communication systems to even safer homes. In the pest control aspect, a lot has been brought to pass through the inclusion of innovative thought, brought mostly by technology. A variety of developments have become available to aid the quest to control the pests that cause much of a headache for homes and eve working environments.

The entire list of the developments that bring less effort on our part to control pests would be too large to exhaust here, but a few technologically adept innovations can be illustrated to give a brief navigational insight into the possibilities we can achieve with technology.

The leading thought here is that not only should it become easier for us to drive off pests, but it should also be safer for them, no harsh killing – while the mousetrap would be useful if produced in large quantities through technological developments such as 3D printing, it wouldn’t really count as a way towards a better future because it is harsh to the ecosystem. However you will notice from the list that less harm is imposed to both the environment and the pests when controlling their relative impact on our personal lives.

1. Pest birth control – this is by far the most effective of the long term tools that have been made possible through the inclusion of science in the efforts to protect our grain and personal assets from pests, particularly rodents. Keep in mind that even if we develop the laser gun, using it in the feat to control rodent population would be against all lines of thought of this publishing.

A scientific research carried out using this method noticed that population reduction was easier when you fed the pests with birth muting pellets. The NYC subway system was a great place to handle this experiment, with millions of rats calling it home. If one generation of female rats were to suddenly go semi-barren, imagine the effect this would have on the population of rats in that area.

Although passive, the method is showing success that as a long term method, populations of rodents can be cut to a faction through controlled dosing of the pests with pellets containing the active birth control chemicals.

2. The efficient fly bait – another useful and very passive method of controlling disease carrying and basically annoying fly populations. It is created such that they attract flies from as far as 30 yards using a carefully composed mixture of substances that lure them into a trap they simply cannot escape from.

The relative cost of the traps and the amount of money they save users in the long run make them possibly the best ever method to control pests. if used around the house, users attest to not noticing their effects on them, but really reducing the chances of one seeing a fly around their property.

3. Home wiring electromagnetic control – there also exists now some gadgets that when attached to the power socket of our house, they repel pests. Even if the pests don’t lick or eat the device, it’s presence and the electromagnetic effects if causes with the built in wires in your walls creates a radius in which pests cannot live. The irritation has been said to make even nests of rodents move away.

There are plenty more such methods made possible with the inclusion of?aol email services technology in the way that drive away pests or simply culls their numbers to a more sustainable amount, if you are looking to stay eco-friendly and yet undisturbed by the damage they cause.