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Helpful Hints on How to Keep Your Home Cockroach Free

home cockroach free Cockroaches are insects which, like most other insects, are highly avoidable. One can stay extremely safe and happy when they are not around and about in your kitchen! They are mostly nocturnal in their habits. Also, they need something to eat, something to drink and a good place to spend the morning hours in. If you do not give them these three basic things, they will leave your home and go away elsewhere.

Hence, one can take certain measures to keep cockroaches away. Firstly, always, always, keep your kitchen as clean as is possible. If there is eating matter freely available, on the cook top or on your slab or elsewhere, it is an open invite to cockroaches. Make it a point to wipe the surface where you have just done some cooking or chopping et al.

Dishes in the sink left for a long period of time, too, are avoidable. Do not let this happen, especially overnight. These usually tend of have some bits of food on them, again, a call for cockroaches to come in and breed. If you use a dishwasher, keep this very clean. Do not keep dirty utensils in it for long. The filter in the device should be cleaned up after every cycle.

If you have pets at home, keep their food saucers and dishes clean. Do not let food or water stand in them for long. At times, we neglect to clean up the microwave from the inside. The rotating dish in it, too, at times is not very clean. Avoid this mistake. Make it a point even to keep your mixer, grinder, juicer and kneader, too, clean. Their blades should be thoroughly washed after use as should the jars.

The refrigerator should also be thoroughly cleaned up at least once a week. This will rid your device of any food spillage which has occurred and be sure to clean up with soap and warm water when you do so. Do not clutter up the insides of your food cupboards. All items in these should be secured firmly with tight and well fitting lids. Do not let bits of foods or fluids stick to the sides of say ketch up bottles or jam jars et al.

Take special care when it comes to your dust bins and garbage cans. These should be lined up with plastic covers and these be disposed off each day. Wash the insides of the bins and cans regularly to keep them as neat and tidy as is possible.

The floor of the kitchen should be swept and mopped up at least once each day. Better still, do the same procedure each evening as well. Use disinfectant while mopping to have some odour to keep the cockroaches and even flies away. Make use of repellents like catnip. Several small aol remote technical support sachets of this can be kept in spots where cockroaches are likely to come in from. This acts as a very useful natural repellent for the roaches.